D A LABS helps organizations leverage existing IT investments and engineers innovative solutions for any industry.
D A LABS has a proven reputation with Defense, Federal, Corporate and even Social Media industries.
Business Transformation Agency
Disestablishment and migration of IT assets
Deliver IT Operations support and BRAC migration planning to DoD BTA
Northrup Grumman
Deliver Engineering and Architecture support on GovTrip program
Provide Enterprise Architecture and System Engineering service to support
Migration to 100% Open technologies delivering significant cuts in TCO
Dovell Technologies
Food and Drug Administration
  Single sign on initiative
Knowledge Consulting Group
Smithsonian Institute
  Office of the Chief Information Officer
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Maintain highly available enterprise at multiple security levels
Defense Travel Management Office
Designed/Implemented N tier Architecture
Lockheed Martin
Deliver Systems engineering support to FBI ESOC
ManTech International Corporation
Enterprise Architecture and enginering/operations service for ESOC client
KiteWire, Inc.
Transitioned existing infrastructure/web applications to cloud technology
Morten Beyer & Agnew
Operational Support SMB, STMP, POP3, HTTP/SVoIP support (Call Manager, Call Unity Express, SIPto provider)
Healthy Companies International
Operational Support
  Mac OSX / Windows integration, VoIP support - (MGCP to provider)
Serving our clients and their stake-holders since 2005.